"Everything was explained, also it was excellent to be able to share with everyone without judgment."

"I learned a lot - I know I'll never drink and drive again, but I took away another lesson because I've been in cars with drivers under the influence of marijuana - My attitudes around that has changed."

"I would recommend this course to anyone whether or not they had a DUI. I hope that this course gets tied with getting your licence in the first place."


Our one-day Motor Registration Division approved program is offered on a regular basis. We continually audit our curriculum to ensure we always provide industry-standard knowledge and best practices.

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Therapeutic Collective
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Supportive Environment



In the Sober Roads Program we provide an open and encouraging environment, without judgement.



We offer a fully qualified assessment & education program for individuals who have been convicted of Impaired Driving.  We look forward to assisting you toward the reinstatement of your Driver's License .

Sober Roads Program

To enroll, call (709) 746-7518 or email office@soberroads.ca today