Therapeutic Collective

Convicted of Impaired Driving?

Licence reinstatement requires the completion of an approved remedial program. The Sober Roads program is a psycho-educational service for persons convicted of Impaired Driving under the Criminal Code of Canada (Section 253).

The program applies to a broad range of impaired drivers consisting of both criminally convicted impaired drivers and drivers with Highway Traffic Act impaired driving prohibitions. Other drivers may be referred at the discretion of Motor Registration Division.

Drivers who are eligible for Ignition Interlock must complete the Sober Road Program prior to having the interlock installed in a vehicle.

Upon completion, drivers are assessed on their interview and program participation and the recommendations/outcomes are provided to Motor Registration - Driver Records Division.

Outcomes will either;

  • Be allowed to apply to full privilege driver's licence
  • Be required to have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicle
  • Possible medical monitoring
  • May require further intervention
  • Final reinstatement is at the discretion of Motor Registration Division